Asanteman North America is the umbrella organization of the key Asanteman associations in the United States and Canada.  The group currently embraces the following Asanteman associations in the following states/cities:

Asanteman North Ame
rica seeks to preserve Asante cultural heritage and promote unity and cooperation among Asante people.   Asanteman of North America works to harness the collective resources of its members to provide socio-economic assistance to Asantes in Ghana and North America.

The main aims and objectives of Asanteman North America and the member associations include:

  • Unite Asantes in North America
  • Promote cooperation, harmony, understanding and unity among member associations.
  • Assist member associations in exposing and promoting Asante culture, and uphold and dignify the institution of ‘chieftancy’.  Provide a source of cultural enrichment, and promote interest, inform and educate the genera community about Asante’s culture.
  • Serve as the mouthpiece for all Asanteman Associations in North America on matters/issues of mutual interest and/or concern.
  • Provide a forum to resolve conflicts and misunderstanding between member associations.
  • Organize periodic workshops to educate members on pertinent issues, such as Asante culture and traditions, legal, immigration, health, employment, insurance, and investments.
  • Project good image of Asantefuo in North America
  • Develop linkages to and networking with other African ethnic groups and participating in intercultural exchange programs.
  • Encourage and assist member associations to undertake cultural education as a means to inculcate Asante cultural, traditional and social values in the children of Asantes.  Instill and inculcate in the youth the love and pride of Asante cultural heritage.

Support Asanteman development efforts by motivating and educating members to financially​ support educational, health and other social programs in Asanteman.  Raise funds to assist the ASANTEMAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS in Asanteman, Ghana and also provide material and financial assistance to health care institutions, social agencies and philanthropic organizations in Asanteman in particular and Ghana in general.

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